Norwich Medico-Chirurgical Society

The Norwich Medico-Chirurgical Society Medallion

Established 1867

Prizes and Awards

President: Mr Tony Page

Lubbock Prize

The Lubbock Prize was split this year between two 3rd year Medical students Josh Chambers and Rachael Dean. Read more about the Lubbock Prize (PDF file - 74K).

Applicants are invited to apply for the Lubbock Bursary awarded by the Norfolk and Norwich Medico-Chirurgical Society of £1,500 for third year medical students at the University of East Anglia. The aim of the bursary is to assist a financially disadvantaged student. Please note this award is not to be used as part funding for an elective, the Norwich Medico-Chirurgical Society also awards 2 elective prizes, one pre elective and one post elective.

Please submit an essay (max 500 words). The title of the essay is: “How I will use the Lubbock Bursary to enhance my studies at the UEA”

Please fill in the Lubbock Prize Application Form (Word Document - 40KB) and return with your essay (as attachments) by email only to: .

Please note: all essays to be submitted by Saturday 29th February 2020.

Carlile Prize

The Carlile prize was shared and awarded to Katharina Mattishent with a presentation on “Flash-glucose monitoring in older people with diabetes and memory problems – a feasibility study” and Lucy-Ann Webb with a presentation on “effectiveness of collaborative working drive featuring students from paramedic science, nursing, pharmacy and medicine training at the UEA and practicing at the local hospitals” . Read more about the Carlile Prize (PDF file - 62K).

Applicants are invited to apply for Carlile Prize. Please fill in the Carlile Prize Application Form (Word Document - 29KB) and return by email only to: .

Please note: all essays to be submitted by Saturday 29th February 2020.

Elective Prizes

The Pre-elective prize this year was awarded to Scott Hawkins and the post elective prize was won by Isaac Staff. Read more about the Pre-Elective Prize (PDF file - 13K) and more about the Post-Elective Prize (PDF file 14K).

The Batty Shaw Prize

The Batty Shaw Prize was awarded jointly to Taiwo Dada, Jamie Thomson and Sarah Carlton. Read more about the Batty Shaw Prize (PDF file - 18K).